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We analyze hundreds of thousands of transactions to compare people and firms on the metrics that matter: how well they sell businesses. We use machine learning algrothims to match you with the right firm, site, broker or investment banker. Use our system to sell your business with the right partner at the right price and get it closed.

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Should you sell with a broker, a banker, an accounting firm, by yourself or even a global investment bank? What are the differences? Who has the best track record? What do they each cost? How can you negotiate your fees? What is required to be ready for a successful sale?

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Find strategic operators, global entities, family offices, private equity firms, high net worth individuals or other approved buyers.

Why share your business details with the wrong buyers or use the wrong brokers to market your business. Finally, you can use machine learning and AI to find the right buyers for your business. CapStart has the most complete database of buyers by category, geographic region, interests in areas, portfolio companies already owned, capital available, user reviews and more.

Get free, objective, performance-based recommendations for top professionals in your industry or geography or both.

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Whenever you’re ready, get your questions answered, walk you through your options, and help you make more informed decisions about your business sale. We charge the Seller $0. We ask the advisor you choose to pay a fee if you are successful in closing a deal. We only get paid if you succeed. Its a Win Win. 


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Backed by the top providers and rigorous research, and data analysis. All designed to help you find the smartest way to sell your business - visit our Seller Resource

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Sell Smarter

Avg. Size Company

Avg. Fees



Logos/ Names

Listing Sites


$29.99/month - $199.00/ month

Local small business, franchises, etc.- basic classified ads online

Limited quality and quantity of buyers, lots of business trolls

BizBuy, DealStream, Business Broker, SMErgers



$200.00 / month - $500k (percentage of deal for

Fancy version of listing sites for industry participants, requires membership

Added layer of fees for matching process that can be avoided

Axial, Interexo, Intralinks, Aurigin

Individual Brokers


Full Lehman or 2X Lehman (2-5% of selling price)

Larger businesses than listing sites but very simple process and limited results

May ask for retainers and rigid agreement to sell business

Generational Equity, Woodbridge, Benchmark

Small to Mid Broker


Full Lehman or 2X Lehman (2-5% of selling price)

Larger, regional or other businesses across industries with access to industry

High costs but can
be effective in accomplishing goals

Stout, Cross Keys, Marriott, Deloitte

Investment Banks


Full Lehman or 3X Lehman (1-10% of transaction value)

Larger well known businesses with higher selling prices and longer op. histories

Very high costs and very selective on deals undertaken

Goldman, Morgan, Credit Suisse, JPM, Houlihan